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Link Reclamation How to Easily Find and Reclaim

Building links is difficult. Which is why it’s so frustrating when hard-earned links disappear without warning. Sadly, this happens all the time. Here’s a screenshot of a link to Ahrefs Content Explorer in an article by The Hoth: What Is Link Reclamation is the process of reclaiming lost links. So you take steps to try to reclaim it. What steps, I hear you ask? It depends why you lost the link in the first place. Here are four common reasons for link losses: The author removes your link from the linking page; The linking page no longer exists (404 error).

The linking page gets

The linking page is no longer indexed in Google* SIDENOTE. I’ve starred (*) that last reason because it’s not not technically a lost link. It still exists. But because the company data page isn’t indexed, it probably isn’t going to be as valuable. Your job is to understand the nuances associated with each “reason.” Only then can you begin to take appropriate actions to reclaim the link. I’ll talk more about this later in the guide. You’ll notice that we label each lost link with a reason for the loss. Four of these align with the reasons I outlined above. But there are two other link loss reasons we report on that you should be aware of, which are: “Broken redirect”: The linking page and link still exist.

Link Reclamation link was

Reaching your target via a few redirects and one of them no longer works. So the link is now kind of “disconnected” from the target page; “Non-canonical”: The linking News US page has a rel=“canonical” tag to some other page, which means it is no longer a unique page. So we don’t count links from it. Recommended reading: Understanding “link lost” reasons (Ahrefs Help) Got that? Good. Now I recommend exporting report to Excel/CSV. That way, you can filter by the link loss reason. You can see that Ahrefs reports the link loss reason as “link removed.” This is true. There used to be a link to us from that page. Now it’s gone. The question is why? It usually comes down to one of four reasons.

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Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Do you want to see how much traffic a website gets? There are a few different ways to do this. Before I get to those, though, here’s an important point: If you own the website, there’s no need to estimate. Find Out How You can install Google Analytics (for free) and see close to exact traffic numbers. But as you’re reading this article, I’ll hazard a guess that you don’t own the website in question, right? You’re probably trying to guess how much traffic your competitor gets, and it’s unlikely that they’ll share their Google Analytics with you. In this post, I’ll run through three ways to get traffic estimates for any website. Method 1. Use a traffic estimation tool.

There are two types

Of traffic estimation tools: Tools that estimate total traffic: Visitors to your website can come from all kinds of places: search engines; forums; social media; etc. These tools executive data estimate the total amount of traffic from all sources. Tools that estimate only organic traffic: Most websites get a good chunk of their traffic from search engines like Google; this is called “organic traffic.” Estimates from these tools don’t take into account traffic from any other sources (e.g., social media) besides organic traffic. Let’s explore each of these in more detail. Here’s what SimilarWeb has to say on the matter: Our data comes from 4 main sources: A panel of monitored devices, currently the largest in the industry; Local internet service providers (ISPs) located in.

Many different countries

Our web crawlers that scan every public website to create a highly accurate map of the digital world; Hundreds of thousands of direct measurement sources from News US websites and apps that are Find Out How connected to us directly.” Translation: SimilarWeb get their data from a variety of sources which collect anonymized information about users’ online activity. They don’t say how big their coverage is, but they don’t get information from everyone in the world. So their data is derived from a relatively small sample of the “online population.” If you’re wondering why this happened, it’s probably due to the size of the sites we tested. All of them were relatively small sites from Flippa. You’ll remember that SimilarWeb calculates their estimates based on data from a small subset of the entire online population.

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How to Earn More Links Adding Context to Content Analysis

This article relies on two related arguments: 1. Bad content on big websites earns more links than it deserves. 2. Great content on small websites earns fewer links than it deserves. Why does this matter? Because most of us base our content strategy on the “most linked” content on a topic. Too often, that focuses attention on great websites rather than great content. Many of the “top performers” are mediocre articles that earn links solely because they’re on popular sites. How to Earn What we really want to find is content that earned a disproportionately large number of links for a given site.

If a post earns

Links on a site that no one comes to regularly, can’t rank quickly, and doesn’t get any distribution support, that content likely has some great lessons. This article executive email list shows you how to identify these “overachievers.” But first, let me show you the power of context. Say we want to create a list of the greatest NBA players of all time. That way, we can determine the most important qualities in a player. We’ll use a simple metric: wins. That sounds reasonable, right? If we identify the NBA players (i.e., posts) with the most wins (i.e., links), that should give us a great list to work from. Based on that analysis, these are the top 10 NBA players of all time: It’s not a bad list.

But there are plenty

Of omissions—unless you believe Michael Jordan is 32nd, Magic Johnson 37th, and Larry Bird 54th. In fact, you may already be questioning the methodology. Shouldn’t we News US consider how many games each player played? Couldn’t some players sneak into the top 10 simply because they played bit parts for great teams? How to Earn These are the exact same shortcomings that exist with most content analysis. If we add just a bit of context—the percentage of games won—the list changes rather dramatically, and for the better.

Native audience. Millions will see anything featured on the front page, helping the content earn more views; Strong domain. Content ranks quickly, giving it the chance to become the source link for those referencing the topic; Large social media presence.

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The 18 Best FREE WordPress Plugins in 2023

If you are looking The 18 Best for a list with free plugins for WordPress, here is a list with 18 best free. Therefore, WordPress plugins that will improve the results of your website. Therefore, and that perhaps you are not using. This is my Top with the best free WordPress plugins. WordPress is an open source CMS that allows third-party developers to create infinite tools, that’s the positive part. The negative part is that when you see so many options on the market you can often feel lost and not know which plugin to choose for your project. For that. Therefore, I have compiled 9 important sections that you may need and in each . Therefore,of them I have compiled two plugins that are worth taking a look at.

The 18 Best As you can see in the image

With 5 million active installations and its 4 stars, this plugin is top industry data a candidate to install in your WordPress CMS if you want to gain security on. Therefore, your website, in addition to offering other functions such as performance, marketing and design improvements. This free WordPress plugin offers you real-time backups and the ability to easily perform restores. This plugin is a veteran of WordPress page security . Some features are: Automatic copies in real time. Restore your website in one click. It helps you migrate your content to a new hosting provider. If you work as a team to maintain. Therefore, your website, it allows you to know which member has made each change. Make code or malware threats.

Free SEO (web positioning) and cache plugins

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular News US plugins in the WordPress plugin library, it is a cache plugin for WordPress that you should know about. It is an open source plugin, free. With this plugin you can configure everything related to the cache and other factors that improve the loading speed of your website such as compression, combination and minification of files (both CSS and Javascript), all aspects that help improve SEO. Some of its features: Minify function (reduces the weight of the files) and combines several into one; CDN service support; Page caching; Storage in the browser cache.

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6 Programs to make a free Curriculum Vitae in Spanish in 2022

If you are thinking 6 Programs toabout creating your CV or giving it a more. Therefore, professional and current look, in this post you will see a list of the best free CV programs. After a couple of years in which the pandemic caused a great shock to the labor market, the search for work is once again on the priority list of millions of people. Each new job opening attracts hundreds, even thousands of resumes, in just a few days, so you have to work. Therefore, hard to make yours stand out. Forget about sending traditional. Therefore, because that type of CV is condemned to oblivion. You have to impress recruiters with more modern resumes and for that.

Visual CV – program to create resume 6 Programs to

If you want to use a platform specifically category email list aimed at creating resumes that allows you to more easily. Therefore, manage your personal data: your work experience, your training or your contact information, you should opt for a tool like Visual CV. It is possibly the best program for creating a resume because: Offers a wide selection of templates to create truly attractive resumes; It allows you to host your CV on its. Therefore, website, and that attracts many visitors; Provides statistics on potential employer interest; Allows you to publish as an online CV or print in PDF; Allows you to export your. Therefore, resumes in different formats. Keep in mind, however, that this is a platform that will store a lot of sensitive data about your work history, so be sure to. Therefore, protect your account with a password manager

Canva – free resume creator program

You may be surprised by Canva’s News US recommendation for creating a resume, since this application is usually associated more with other types of designs, such as. Therefore, banners, flyers or invitations. But, perhaps because of this, it has many more resources than other specialized apps, and that is why it is at number 2. Although Canva does not allow as practical an organization of the data in our resume as CV Engineer or Visual CV, it offers: Templates with eye-catching, elegant and hard-to-beat designs; Embed. Therefore, links in your CV, which will run perfectly if you download it as a PDF; Download your design in high resolution and in the usual formats. 

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What is Holded what is it for and how does this software work to create invoices

Holded is one What is of the best cloud invoicing programs for freelancers. In addition, and SMEs that. Therefore, allows users to create and send invoices, estimates, and keep all expenses under control in a. In addition, simple and effective way. In addition, apart from generating invoices in a simple way, it is also a CRM, a team and workflow management tool, a project manager and it also has an app that keeps control of your company’s. Therefore, stock instantly. Without a doubt, for everything it offers, it is a very useful tool for self-employed people and SMEs. Did you know. In addition, Holded or do you use another program? What do. Therefore, you think of this software to create invoices in the cloud. 

What Holded does as an invoice management program What is

According to its own website, this billing and accounting industry email list program has three main functions : Classify your. In addition, clients’ information. Keep a record. Therefore, of client-company interactions (Phone calls, emails, social media interactions, etc.) Maintain a record of the. Therefore, products that each customer has consumed from the moment they made their first purchase. On the other hand, and as we have already seen, Holded goes beyond being a simple CRM where you can keep track of customers, since it also acts as advanced management software. In this area, the application is useful for : Keep track of income and. Therefore, expenses, which provides greater control and helps us stick to pre-established. In addition, budgets. Have a complete record of all our contacts.

How much does Holded this project

Although Holded is a paid platform, the News US application gives us the option to enjoy it completely free for 14 days , enough time to know if its. Therefore, operation convinces you and therefore you should implement it in your business plan. During the first 14 days you will have access to all the sections, as this time is running out you will receive emails in your inbox reminding you that the limited time is coming to an end, and you will be able to access their website in order to find the plan payment. Therefore, that best suits your needs. Apart from the free trial version, then the price of 7.5 euros per month for freelancers , which I find very interesting for everything it offers.

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How to Build a Keyword Strategy Free Template

Find keywords with traffic potential There’s no point in targeting keywords that nobody types into Google because they won’t send you traffic even if you rank #1. So the first step is to find keywords that potential customers are searching for. Let’s look at a couple of ways to do this. A. See which of your competitors’ pages get the most traffic If your competitor gets a lot of organic traffic to a page, the keyword they’re targeting must have traffic potential. How to Build And because they’re a competitor, such keywords are probably ones your customers are searching for too.

Here’s how to find

Which of your competitors’ pages get the most search traffic: Go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer Enter a competitor’s domain Go to the Top pages report For example, if you are company data looking for keywords for an online computer parts store, you may enter In the report, you’ll see its top pages by estimated organic traffic and the keyword sending the most traffic to each page. Note that we didn’t highlight “gaming desk” or “gaming pc” because our store sells computer parts, not accessories or ready-built computers. There’s no point in targeting these keywords, as the people searching for them aren’t our customers. B. Use a keyword research tool Keyword research tools are big keyword databases that you can search and filter.

How to Build to use

Our keyword tool to find keywords with traffic potential. Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Enter a few broad keywords. Related to your site (these are known as your “seeds”) Go to News US the Matching. Terms report Filter for keywords with Traffic Potential (TP) For example, for a computer parts store, you can enter seed keywords like pc, computer, computers, motherboard, motherboards, amd, and intel. Then you’ll filter the Matching terms report for keywords with Traffic Potential. Check their value for your business Each keyword your potential customers are searching for has some value for your business.

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What Is Topical Authority in SEO & How to Build It

Imagine if your website (or clients) could rank for every single keyword related to a desired niche. Enter topical authority. Now imagine that you could even achieve this with no link building. If some people in the SEO world are to be believed, this is achievable by anyone willing to write content about absolutely everything within a topic. But realistically, you should still expect to build links and do a lot of other SEO activities. Topical authority is not a silver bullet. But it’s still worth your time. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about topical authority and how to build it for your sites.

What is topical authority

Topical authority is an SEO concept where a website aims to become the go-to authority on one or more topics. Building topical authority is about helping search engines executive data understand a website’s topic so that it has better potential to rank for topically related keywords. Let’s say you want to rank articles around the topic of protein powder. Writing just the one article targeting “protein powder” is probably not enough to compete in this niche. Why? Because it’s a massive topic and you can’t possibly cover everything about it in one article. To build topical authority, you need to cover everything related to protein, such as: Topical authority is achieved when a site fully covers a topic as a whole rather than focusing on just individual keywords.

If you’ve spent any

Time digging into the SERPs looking for SEO opportunities (and let’s be honest, you have), you’ve probably noticed sites with low Domain Rating (DR) scores ranking News US well—thanks to topical authority. For example, check out the SERPs for the keyword “mountain bike gifts”: At first glance, you’d expect to see a big What Is Topical e-commerce store like Amazon (DR 96) at the top of the search results for a product-focused keyword like this. However, a DR 23 site is ranked in second place, well above Amazon. Why is this? Possibly because is a site all about the topic of bikes.

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How to Promote Your Blog 7 Proven Strategies

Therefore, Search for “how to promote your blog,” and you’ll see hundreds of strategies. But not all of them work. Believe us—we’ve tried them. These are the seven that have worked for us. 1. Build share triggers into your content People are more likely to share content with unique insights. Data, experiences, opinions—anything they can’t find elsewhere. Here’s an example that illustrates this. In 2015, our chief marketing officer, Tim Soulo, wrote a guide to strategic writing on his personal blog. He crammed everything he knew and thought he created a masterpiece. Yet, when he asked marketing influencer.

Rand Fishkin to tweet

The post, this was how Rand responded: What was the difference? In Tim’s post, he rehashed the same advice from other articles on the topic. No doubt it was executive email list useful, but nothing was unique. In the latter article by our Rebekah Bek, everything was solely based on experience. I’m not going to simply just tell you to create “unique content.” You must have heard it a hundred times by now. Therefore, So rather than repeating the same old advice, I recommend building share triggers instead. Coined by professor Jonah Berger in his book, “Contagious,” share triggers are psychological principles that make people want to share something. They are: Social currency – People share things that make them look good to others.

How to Promote share

Therefore, Things that are top of mind. Emotion – People need to feel something to share something. Public – People tend to imitate others’ behavior if they can News US see or observe it. Practical value – People like to pass along practical, useful information. Stories – People don’t just share information—they share stories too. Here’s how to put them into action (you’ll want to incorporate at least one or two): Make your content practical – Create something the reader can use right away. For example, our suite of free tools generates a lot of links and shares. Make your content opinionated – Give the reader something new to think about. Tim’s rant on email outreach and our post on podcast advertising are some examples of opinionated content.

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Main Facebook Tools for Businesses that every

There are thousands of tools for Facebook, but do you know which are the main Facebook tools for businesses that every Community Manager should know? What tools for the Facebook user are the most recommended? In this article, I mention those that I use the most on a daily basis and that I have seen that many other Community Managers always mention them, so that you have an idea of ​​which ones you should control to use effectively with clients and in companies. Facebook has become a very powerful marketing tool for companies, brands and people, but to achieve a good strategy on this social network it is necessary to have good communication and management of Facebook.

For this reason

It is so important to know how to choose, among the many tools. Available, those that best adapt to the type of project being developed in. Order to achieve the company data proposed objectives. But the truth is, selecting just a few is not an easy task since. Many have similar functionalities and that is why they make us hesitate when choosing one or the other. From my experience, I think that you should choose the ones you need for each moment and focus on 6-10, depending on your objectives. So I recommend these 12 tools on Facebook with which you can know FanPage statistics, schedule posts, analyze results, create contests, monitor competition , etc.

It should Main Facebook

That Facebook tools are not in order of importance. Any of them may be the most useful for you, depending on the needs of your client or company. The truth is that the advantages can be very similar among. The thousands of tools for Facebook that exist, but if we know how to choose those. That are essential and that really work well, they give us benefits such as. They allow us to optimize our work time; They save search time on other platforms. They give us faster interaction with users; They allow us to better segment. Our News Us publications by objectives; They enable a more in-depth and. Effective analysis of the results; They allow us to create more effective. And real reports; They give greater reliability of results.

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Google Meet what it is and how much

What is Google Meet ? In this article we will see the Google Meet video calling tool, who can use it, how to use it and the requirements to use this professional platform to hold video conferences. With the confinement of professionals and companies for more than a month, many companies have had to look for alternatives to remain in contact with their professionals and clients, as well as provide alternative services to those they were offering in person. And that’s why the rise of platforms like Zoom and other video conferencing platforms .

In my case

To continue teaching online classes, one of my clients has opted for a more professional tool, Google Meet . I had not tried executive data it yet, I have always used the free version of. Google, the classic Hangouts, and the truth is I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the video conferencing and the options it offers us and that is why I am going to tell you about this platform, in case you are a professional or company and are looking for something more advanced than Zoom (and avoid the problems it has caused) and that offers better features for your company, clients and services. The truth is that it is already a few years old, since they launched the tool in 2017.

But it has never aroused

Great interest as, for example, Google Hangouts did, perhaps. Because it is a payment platform. However, with the crisis we are experiencing due to not being able. To go to our jobs, its fame is growing exponentially, as are other platforms for making. Video calls or video conferences such as Zoom (perhaps the best-known case). So you can see the interest in News Us Google Meet, in the first week of April more than 2,000 million minutes of video calls were made with this platform. With Google Hangouts Meet, companies or professionals can. Organize video conferences with up to 100 participants .

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The Best Alternatives to Free and Paid

Are you looking for free and paid alternatives to Semrush ? Do you want a more economical tool to work on the SEO of your website? In this post I will talk about the best tools and pages similar to Semrush. But, let us start at the beginning. Semrush is a very powerful SEO tool that allows you to improve the visibility and Google positioning of websites through its excellent tools. The Best Alternatives This SEO platform serves to: Know the real positioning of our domain in Google; Extract keywords relevant to the contents of our project; Perform an On Page SEO audit of our website; Know ideas to improve the SEO of our project.

Inspect the competition

And get to know your web project in depth; Know the links we have on executive email list our website (good, bad and broken); Analyze keywords and see which ones are best to include in our content, etc. There are also other pages similar to Semrush that offer this type of functions (some with fewer features) and which we will see later. Another similar program is Serpstat. It is a free alternative to Semrush that offers a completely free version although with fewer resources than the PRO version. And for new and small projects it can be a good alternative. If you want something more advanced, the paid version is cheaper than Semrush, although with less potential.

The Best Alternatives from

Us and competitors; Conduct keyword research; Analyze the evolution. Of traffic on our website and those of the competition; Monitor. The SEO positioning of our site and others; Detect 404 errors. Find new, lost and broken links, etc. Without a doubt, one of the most complete 2020 SEO tools and. The price is $99 per month for the basic plan, the same as Semrush. So if you are News Us willing to invest in a PRO tool, my recommendations would be between Semrush and Ahrefs. Semrush – top keyword research Ahrefs – superior in backlink analysis. Depending on your needs, you should choose one tool or another.