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What is Holded what is it for and how does this software work to create invoices

Holded is one What is of the best cloud invoicing programs for freelancers. In addition, and SMEs that. Therefore, allows users to create and send invoices, estimates, and keep all expenses under control in a. In addition, simple and effective way. In addition, apart from generating invoices in a simple way, it is also a CRM, a team and workflow management tool, a project manager and it also has an app that keeps control of your company’s. Therefore, stock instantly. Without a doubt, for everything it offers, it is a very useful tool for self-employed people and SMEs. Did you know. In addition, Holded or do you use another program? What do. Therefore, you think of this software to create invoices in the cloud. 

What Holded does as an invoice management program What is

According to its own website, this billing and accounting industry email list program has three main functions : Classify your. In addition, clients’ information. Keep a record. Therefore, of client-company interactions (Phone calls, emails, social media interactions, etc.) Maintain a record of the. Therefore, products that each customer has consumed from the moment they made their first purchase. On the other hand, and as we have already seen, Holded goes beyond being a simple CRM where you can keep track of customers, since it also acts as advanced management software. In this area, the application is useful for : Keep track of income and. Therefore, expenses, which provides greater control and helps us stick to pre-established. In addition, budgets. Have a complete record of all our contacts.

How much does Holded this project

Although Holded is a paid platform, the News US application gives us the option to enjoy it completely free for 14 days , enough time to know if its. Therefore, operation convinces you and therefore you should implement it in your business plan. During the first 14 days you will have access to all the sections, as this time is running out you will receive emails in your inbox reminding you that the limited time is coming to an end, and you will be able to access their website in order to find the plan payment. Therefore, that best suits your needs. Apart from the free trial version, then the price of 7.5 euros per month for freelancers , which I find very interesting for everything it offers.

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