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How to Build a Keyword Strategy Free Template

Find keywords with traffic potential There’s no point in targeting keywords that nobody types into Google because they won’t send you traffic even if you rank #1. So the first step is to find keywords that potential customers are searching for. Let’s look at a couple of ways to do this. A. See which of your competitors’ pages get the most traffic If your competitor gets a lot of organic traffic to a page, the keyword they’re targeting must have traffic potential. How to Build And because they’re a competitor, such keywords are probably ones your customers are searching for too.

Here’s how to find

Which of your competitors’ pages get the most search traffic: Go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer Enter a competitor’s domain Go to the Top pages report For example, if you are company data looking for keywords for an online computer parts store, you may enter In the report, you’ll see its top pages by estimated organic traffic and the keyword sending the most traffic to each page. Note that we didn’t highlight “gaming desk” or “gaming pc” because our store sells computer parts, not accessories or ready-built computers. There’s no point in targeting these keywords, as the people searching for them aren’t our customers. B. Use a keyword research tool Keyword research tools are big keyword databases that you can search and filter.

How to Build to use

Our keyword tool to find keywords with traffic potential. Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Enter a few broad keywords. Related to your site (these are known as your “seeds”) Go to News US the Matching. Terms report Filter for keywords with Traffic Potential (TP) For example, for a computer parts store, you can enter seed keywords like pc, computer, computers, motherboard, motherboards, amd, and intel. Then you’ll filter the Matching terms report for keywords with Traffic Potential. Check their value for your business Each keyword your potential customers are searching for has some value for your business.

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