The 18 Best FREE WordPress Plugins in 2023

If you are looking The 18 Best for a list with free plugins for WordPress, here is a list with 18 best free. Therefore, WordPress plugins that will improve the results of your website. Therefore, and that perhaps you are not using. This is my Top with the best free WordPress plugins. WordPress is an open source CMS that allows third-party developers to create infinite tools, that’s the positive part. The negative part is that when you see so many options on the market you can often feel lost and not know which plugin to choose for your project. For that. Therefore, I have compiled 9 important sections that you may need and in each . Therefore,of them I have compiled two plugins that are worth taking a look at.

The 18 Best As you can see in the image

With 5 million active installations and its 4 stars, this plugin is top industry data a candidate to install in your WordPress CMS if you want to gain security on. Therefore, your website, in addition to offering other functions such as performance, marketing and design improvements. This free WordPress plugin offers you real-time backups and the ability to easily perform restores. This plugin is a veteran of WordPress page security . Some features are: Automatic copies in real time. Restore your website in one click. It helps you migrate your content to a new hosting provider. If you work as a team to maintain. Therefore, your website, it allows you to know which member has made each change. Make code or malware threats.

Free SEO (web positioning) and cache plugins

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular News US plugins in the WordPress plugin library, it is a cache plugin for WordPress that you should know about. It is an open source plugin, free. With this plugin you can configure everything related to the cache and other factors that improve the loading speed of your website such as compression, combination and minification of files (both CSS and Javascript), all aspects that help improve SEO. Some of its features: Minify function (reduces the weight of the files) and combines several into one; CDN service support; Page caching; Storage in the browser cache.

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