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Working at home as a freelancer

Working at home for many of us has been the norm for years. Now it is a necessity for many other workers who can do it. As a freelancer , working only at home , it is key to know how to organize yourself at home , then and now, with children at home and protecting common health. At home we have to know how to organize ourselves to be more productive. More effective in what we do. Working thanks to the internet gives you some advantages that we have to take advantage of, but there are many other things we can do to organize ourselves at home in the best possible way.

How to work at home with the current coronavirus crisis?

I will tell you about my experience over these years, and with the current changes due to the coronavirus. How i am organizing myself at home to work effectively and at the same time, spend more time with my family so that. Especially if you have small children, they spend the day of best possible way, being locked up at home for many hours. Before i stayed at home Gambling Email List to work , and now #istayathome with even more reason . I tell you. How to plan your work at home if you are self-employed working from wherever you want had and has its advantages, but it also requires commitment to carry out tasks, with your work, your classes, your family. How to work at home with the current coronavirus crisis?

Diversify tasks when working at home

Working at home More now than before, you have to switch to efficient mode and organize your work at home in the best way possible. There are still 24 hours in the day, and we must take advantage of it. Go for it! Plan your work that’s right, the first step to make everything News Us work is to organize yourself well. I always have my virtual agenda , my work calendar , for each brand that i currently carry as a social media consultant. And each one has the tasks that i have to do with them, planning those that are to come. This allows me to work remotely as always with these brands in a planned and staggered manner. Without overlapping work between them, and be more effective.  But i also have my agenda on paper .

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The 20 best sites to download free WordPress themes

The 20 best sites to download free WordPress themes. When you start taking the first steps with your online project. As with almost everything in life, the beginnings are never easy. You have a multitude of questions about how to set up your digital business online, such as: what hosting to choose for my website. Therefore, what designer to hire to create a website in WordPress for my brand and a thousand other things. One of these dilemmas is the topic I want to talk to you about today: which WordPress template to install on my website.

They are very vulnerable

Regarding security, I think it is important that you know that there is a big difference between the WordPress templates that you download for free and the paid ones. If you choose the latter, you will be ensuring the possibility of periodically email contact list downloading the updates that the developer/author of these themes implements. Remember that, among other things, these new updated versions bring improvements in terms of improving security .

They are not optimized for SEO

Surely if you are starting with a personal project, you will be putting all the enthusiasm and desire in the world into it so that it succeeds, just like what happens to me with my Marketing and Web school . Therefore, you will want it to, after a while, begin to rank and position itself on Google for the most important keywords in your sector. By purchasing News US a more professional and paid template you will always be ensuring that the programming of the theme at the code level does not have any blunders that end up penalizing you.

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Raiola rules and not the Panda Earn €5,000 + The 4 Pillars of SEO

Raiola rules and not the Panda Earn €5,000 + The 4 Pillars of SEO. I thought I would no longer be able to participate because I have had a very intense month of June with classes, events and the reform of my Marketing School, but I have finally decided to dare to participate in this SEO contest that seeks to position the Keyword Raiola command and not the Panda for 3 main reasons. Dean Romero is one of the organizers and is a great friend.

How I met the company Raiola Networks

The truth is that I know the Raiola company thanks to Dean Romero, and I remember that in those days I had a lot of problems with my hosting provider and then it was great for me to change providers, to see if the problems and crashes they had would disappear, and the truth is that it was. I had an online tool that pinged every hour to check email leads that my blog was working correctly, so when I received an email from the tool it was a bad sign, that is, the page was down, but I literally stopped receiving email when I moved my Raiola company blog.

Now let's see why Raiola Manda and not Panda in the 4 Pillars of SEO

The 4 pillars of SEO, a basic guide to improve your web positioning. Reducing the 200 factors of the Google algorithm that decide the position we occupy in the search engine can be a priori a very difficult task to carry out, but sometimes due to lack of knowledge or overconfidence, we dedicate a lot of effort to SEO actions or factors that are not They are so important and that logically negatively affect our positioning in the Google search engine. In this article you will not News US find boring nonsense nor super technical language that you cannot understand, but you will see what the 4 pillars of SEO are to take the web positioning of any project on the Internet very high.

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20 motivational teamwork phrases + 7 collaborative tools

The importance of teamwork in a company. Working as a team is the key for any company to develop, grow and not be affected by the high competition that exists today. Therefore, in addition to the well-being that effective teamwork can generate. Only through group work can different points of view be identified, combined and carried out. Which is why there should be a leader who is sensitive enough to identify how he can enhance each component of his team. It can be said that a good leader creates other leaders and not followers.

Decide what is really important

In Google you have the possibility of deciding what you want to index and what you do not want to index. Therefore, you can even decide if a url is a canonical or child of another url. So when it comes to pages, more does not always mean better positioning or more traffic. If you have a just-started project you should not be worried about. Therefore, this aspect but if you top people data have a website with thousands or tens of thousands of pages. Then you should be quite concerned about this issue. Do you think for a moment how much of the content that the Amazon page has published is actually indexed.

Motivational phrases about teamwork to achieve a united and productive community

Motivational phrases about teamwork to achieve a united and productive community. Having a highly motivated team every day in an organization is what makes. Therefore, the difference in an organization. Nowadays, with so much competition. Therefore, you have to act in a unique way and a good strategy to stand out is by managing the motivation capacity in a team. This team management skill can News US make your company’s employees never want to leave and others who are in your competition want to come with you. Therefore, simply attract new talent where salary is not everything.

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How to download Facebook videos without programs and improve your personal brand

How to download Facebook videos without programs and improve your personal brand. Facebook is giving great prominence to videos on its social network, and thus be able to compete with the giant Google (Youtube), and is not applying organic restriction filters as it does with other publications, so we must apply the opportunity that this can be for our brand on the Internet. A few months ago I taught you how to download videos from YouTube and this time I will focus on the main social network (Facebook),

How to use video to improve your personal brand on Facebook

How to use video to improve your personal brand on Facebook. Video is a very interesting tool to work on the personal brand of any professional, since today great resources are not required to be able to record videos in HD quality and upload them to Facebook, you only email database need a mobile device such as a Smartphone and you will have everything what you need to record videos. You also have the option of recording videos from your computer and editing them with different video tools.

The importance of using Facebook Live for any business or company

The possibility of being able to broadcast a live online video through Facebook has enormous potential for any company or business, and it is a great channel to communicate the actions we take. It is not that we use it to transmit anything, but to select those events that we want our community to know about. A brand that uses live broadcasts is more active and closer to users, so the feeling obtained as a News US result is always very positive. We should not be afraid to start using it because of the risk that trolls will arrive and try to discredit or discredit our action; we should rather think about how much we can gain.

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Definition of marketing – What it is, Meaning and Concept

Definition of marketing – What it is, Meaning and Concept. In this article you will find a complete definition of marketing , what its evolution has been in the last 50 years, as well as the 7 types of marketing strategies that will make your business more visible on the Internet. I close the article with a list of 20 Digital Marketing References that you should follow to learn from them every day. I have to admit that this article was inspired by the wonderful presentation given by my friend Miguel Ángel Trabado at the Raiola Marketing Conference .

The 4 Cs of marketing

The 4 Cs of marketing In 1990, Robert Lauterborn raised. Therefore, the concept of the 4Cs ( consumer , cost , convenience and communication ) as part of the evolution and adaptability of marketing in the modern era. This concept has been widely accepted and is highly used to create marketing strategies. The 4Cs of marketing aim to generate a dialogue  job function email list with the customer. Therefore, in which the customer is more than a recipient of products. It is no longer enough to give the customer a good product. But we must know what their needs are in order to satisfy them.

Social Media Marketing

Designing a social media strategy will help us create a community of users. Therefore, who follow our brand, and most importantly to generate more trust and as a mechanism for evangelization of the brand itself. We must carry out a strategy design somewhat in line with our objectives and always keeping in mind. Therefore, that we should not obsess over the number of channels where our company or business will have a News US presence but rather about their quality and successful management. Here I teach you how to create a Social Media strategy to attract visitors that convert.

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Hospitality company need a community manager

Hospitality company, In the 21st century and with the influence that the Internet has acquired on the daily lives of people and companies, it should not surprise us that social networks are increasingly present in any marketing strategy of a hospitality brand . As well as the figure of a community manager as the person in charge of managing the image and reputation of a hotel, bar or restaurant in these online channels . I say this because there are still some hospitality entrepreneurs who have not fully understood it correctly or who have, perhaps, not with the importance that the topic deserves. Mainly because they do not see in the figure of a “professional community manager” the right person to manage their brand on the internet and, above all, on social networks.

Provide quality customer service

Enhance communication by reaching more people A Community Manager interacts email contact list with the online community around your hospitality brand. Hospitality company Then, a good professional will be able to provide your hotel, bar or restaurant with the ability to generate and manage content, for the blog and social networks, in a more attractive way and that seeks to generate greater engagement . 2. Technical and tactical knowledge to obtain better depth with the social media strategy of your hospitality brand It’s more than just posting a tweet or updating Facebook, Google+, etc. It means having someone at your side who knows how to plan and where and when to execute a good social media marketing strategy. A professional Community Manager.

Talking about your company on social networks

It means having a professional who has the necessary News US knowledge and skills to deal with all types of doubts and problems that usually afflict any client of a hospitality or tourism company. 4. Even if you don’t know it or don’t want to admit it, they are talking about your company on social networks That is why it would be better not to be afraid or ignore social media and have a professional community manager who knows how to always find the positive side to the good or bad things that are said on the Internet about your hotel, bar or restaurant. 5. There are potential clients on the network speaking clearly about the products and services they need A Community Manager could provide your hospitality brand with the possibility of finding, listening.

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Jetpack 2.x automatically share with Google+

Jetpack 2.x, This update mainly offers a series of integrations between our Google+ profile or page and WordPress. Therefore, The Jetpack team had already. Mentioned some time ago that. The Google+ Publicize feature would soon be available to all WordPress users. Who had that plugin installed Therefore, well, the wait is over Therefore, erom now on, and just like on you can automatically share. Your latest content on your profile.  Or Google+ page Therefore,  Jetpack 2.7, which was just released, adds that capability to your WordPress website or blog. To connect your account with Google+.  You must go to your WP. Desktop (control panel) and then go to Settings → Sharing Therefore, By clicking on the “Connect” button next to the Google+ logo. It will ask you to register.

Overall performance improvement

Overall performance improvemen top people datat Jetpack 2.7 also contains several bug fixes and other small features including some Jetpack 2.x. Improvements that will make your site ready for the arrival of WordPress 3.8 and its new default theme. Therefore, Jetpack 2.7 Enhancement: Google+ Publicize Enhancement: Add Cloudup as an oEmbed provider Enhancement: Subscriptions: Add subscribe_ field_id filter to allow updated ids when using multiple .  Widgets Enhancement: Infinite Scroll. Twenty Fourteen Support Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix warning when form is called outside the loop Bug Fix. Featured Content: Moving Settings to Customizer. Therefore,

Other bugfixes and enhancements

Revisions box in Custom CSS Bugfix: Fix several bugs in the WordPress News US Posts Widget so that it correctly updates Bugfix. Limit Login Attempts no longer generates false positives from xmlrpc. Therefore, bugfix: Clear max_posts transient on theme switch. Bugfix. Lower priority of sync to allow. All CPTs to be registered. Therefore, bugfix: Contact form fields emailed in correct order. Therefore, Other bugfixes and enhancements Fuente: jetpack me Create your own blog or website with. Self-installable WordPress on Web Empresa Get a “20% discount” with the special promotion. Friends of José Facchin WordPress Hosting So . Now it will be easier to share any new post on that social platform (such as with Facebook . Therefore, Twitter . Linkedin. etc.). Its use is a great way to contribute to increasing the number of readers .

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MEs Why does everyone like easy things

MEs Why, Companies. As potential consumers of a social media marketing service . Are attracted to agencies or professionals who make them understand that any simple strategy on social networks. Which they can design and implement. Will make the life of their business. be in a very short period of time more prosperous or easier (good. Nice and cheap) . Social Media for SMEs Why Everyone Likes Easy? Ultimately. All of us as human beings – because companies are run by people – always feel attracted to the idea of ​​being able to simplify things. Especially when it is something that we do not fully understand or that.  As in the case of social half.  We have understood it halfway and late.  Which awakens an intention to want to burn through stages quickly.

Are you looking for the easy way?

I understand that there are many organizations or establishments that, due to size, budget or MEs Why, infrastructure.  Cannot invest in a quality online marketing email leads or social media service . But opting for disreputable agencies and professionals who promise miraculous results or doing it yourself without any prior training or professional advice (which may achieve a more or less the same result) may not be the best path to success. Yes, it is true. There are cases of small businesses that do it on their own and do it really well, I know of several. But those are a small exception to the rule. I am usually in direct or indirect contact with different owners or managers of hotels. Bars Restaurants. Rural houses. Etc. and they really see that their future clients are on the internet.

A correct marketing strategy on social networks requires medium

As a reflection or advice. I want you to think about the issue and see that everything you contribute in promotion or that you do so News US that your companies or establishments are recognized on the internet is not an expense. But rather an investment in the future of that business . . As happens in most cases. The ideal is to get a service adapted and in line with the needs and budget of our company. In this wide world of online marketing there are many real and quality options that can adapt to the needs and budgets of each client (hotel, bar, restaurant, rural house, etc.) without having to take very easy or strange paths. So, don’t look for that easy but unreliable path, but for the most convenient and adapted to your needs. There are many serious agencies.

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On Social KEY Media Do you listen to your community

On Social KEY, This usually happens because they focus their message on themselves and their own needs or interests and not on those of their community. In short. They do not listen to their community on social networks . It is as if you were attending a meeting with friends or a social event – let’s say a New Year’s Eve dinner – and you spend the time talking only about yourself. Almost without listening to or being interested in the needs of others (a very common mistake. In which I myself have fallen). Maybe your friends will forgive you. But if you are a company and you don’t change that attitude and try to listen . Your online community will start to get tired and it is very likely that over time your business will find itself talking to itself . “When we are a person in a social environment.

Why does that happen to them?

Maybe you have already acquired some of the best online analysis and/or social email database media programming tools that modern technology can offer you. On Social KEY, but you have not yet been able to generate any added value or advantage over your competition on the different social platforms. However, you are resigned to the idea that your company should be on social networks, perhaps, just to show the world that it is there too. I have a better idea! In previous articles. I have talked about this. Engaging fans and followers is the key to success in Social Media. Your company can listen to its online community. See its needs and look for its messages to try to solve those problems or start meaningful conversations and even make them enjoy or laugh.

I have a better idea!

If you can’t or don’t know how to do it.  Hire a professional community manager News US or seek the help of a consultant or freelance social media manager who can train you and also advise you on your content strategy. Your small or medium-sized hotel, bar, restaurant or rural house must assume that it has an additional challenge.  Like some companies with similar characteristics in other sectors:When you are a multinational, an NGO or a football team, it is easier to get followers and collect a large amount of interaction (like, +1, tweet. Pin. Recommendations. etc.). Not only because of notoriety and reputation. But also because You have a large budget. But it requires an extra effort to attract visitors .  Fans or followers when your business does not have.

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What is JetPack and how to disable some options

What is JetPack, As I said, my theme is responsive and the only thing that JetPack option (theme for mobile) did was that on some occasions my blog did not appear on Tablets and Smartphones as it should, according to my template. Well, I told myself, I go to my WordPress dashboard and look for that plugin option and deactivate it. No no. That was not so simple, there was no option to disable . Then I thought, the same thing must have happened to other people and I prepared to go see on Google if anyone had the solution. But first it occurred to me to mess around a little more in the same plugin and when I clicked on the “More information” key, magically the “Deactivate” option appeared (how easy it really was, it was always there). How simple.

How to disable mobile theme

 As we have talked about in my previous article about its update to version 2.7 , is a very useful mega job function email list plugin from Automattic (the company that created WordPress) , What is JetPack,  especially for those of us who come from its WP.COM platform . This super plugin gives our hosted WordPress many extra features, some of them very common and commonly used in the free version of WordPress.COM. Options grouped by the Automattic JetPack plugin Disclose (automatically publishes content to social networks) Notification bar ( style) Statistics JetPack Reviews Email subscriptions Post by Email Image carousel Like (button like the one on Share (social media icons) Spelling.

The same steps apply to allk options

Without JetPack, our WordPress blog or website should News US look for some of those features in many other plugins, but not all, because there are a couple of them that only it can give you. Download the JetPack plugin So, he and his properties helped my blog a lot. But I also provide other options that I did not need, because I already had them through other means and I wanted to deactivate them. Here’s the problem! How do I disable JetPac k options? For example: Genesis Jetpack And Metro Pro Mobile Theme Difference between JetPack Mobile Theme and Genesis Metro Pro How to disable mobile theme in JetPack? As I said, my theme is responsive and the only thing that JetPack option (theme for mobile) did was that on some occasions my blog.