What is JetPack and how to disable some options

What is JetPack, As I said, my theme is responsive and the only thing that JetPack option (theme for mobile) did was that on some occasions my blog did not appear on Tablets and Smartphones as it should, according to my template. Well, I told myself, I go to my WordPress dashboard and look for that plugin option and deactivate it. No no. That was not so simple, there was no option to disable . Then I thought, the same thing must have happened to other people and I prepared to go see on Google if anyone had the solution. But first it occurred to me to mess around a little more in the same plugin and when I clicked on the “More information” key, magically the “Deactivate” option appeared (how easy it really was, it was always there). How simple.

How to disable mobile theme

 As we have talked about in my previous article about its update to version 2.7 , is a very useful mega job function email list plugin from Automattic (the company that created WordPress) , What is JetPack,  especially for those of us who come from its WP.COM platform . This super plugin gives our hosted WordPress many extra features, some of them very common and commonly used in the free version of WordPress.COM. Options grouped by the Automattic JetPack plugin Disclose (automatically publishes content to social networks) Notification bar (WordPress.com style) WordPress.com Statistics JetPack Reviews Email subscriptions Post by Email Image carousel Like (button like the one on WordPress.com) Share (social media icons) Spelling.

The same steps apply to allk options

Without JetPack, our WordPress blog or website should News US look for some of those features in many other plugins, but not all, because there are a couple of them that only it can give you. Download the JetPack plugin So, he and his properties helped my blog a lot. But I also provide other options that I did not need, because I already had them through other means and I wanted to deactivate them. Here’s the problem! How do I disable JetPac k options? For example: Genesis Jetpack And Metro Pro Mobile Theme Difference between JetPack Mobile Theme and Genesis Metro Pro How to disable mobile theme in JetPack? As I said, my theme is responsive and the only thing that JetPack option (theme for mobile) did was that on some occasions my blog.

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