On Social KEY Media Do you listen to your community

On Social KEY, This usually happens because they focus their message on themselves and their own needs or interests and not on those of their community. In short. They do not listen to their community on social networks . It is as if you were attending a meeting with friends or a social event – let’s say a New Year’s Eve dinner – and you spend the time talking only about yourself. Almost without listening to or being interested in the needs of others (a very common mistake. In which I myself have fallen). Maybe your friends will forgive you. But if you are a company and you don’t change that attitude and try to listen . Your online community will start to get tired and it is very likely that over time your business will find itself talking to itself . “When we are a person in a social environment.

Why does that happen to them?

Maybe you have already acquired some of the best online analysis and/or social email database media programming tools that modern technology can offer you. On Social KEY, but you have not yet been able to generate any added value or advantage over your competition on the different social platforms. However, you are resigned to the idea that your company should be on social networks, perhaps, just to show the world that it is there too. I have a better idea! In previous articles. I have talked about this. Engaging fans and followers is the key to success in Social Media. Your company can listen to its online community. See its needs and look for its messages to try to solve those problems or start meaningful conversations and even make them enjoy or laugh.

I have a better idea!

If you can’t or don’t know how to do it.  Hire a professional community manager News US or seek the help of a consultant or freelance social media manager who can train you and also advise you on your content strategy. Your small or medium-sized hotel, bar, restaurant or rural house must assume that it has an additional challenge.  Like some companies with similar characteristics in other sectors:When you are a multinational, an NGO or a football team, it is easier to get followers and collect a large amount of interaction (like, +1, tweet. Pin. Recommendations. etc.). Not only because of notoriety and reputation. But also because You have a large budget. But it requires an extra effort to attract visitors .  Fans or followers when your business does not have.

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