Jetpack 2.x automatically share with Google+

Jetpack 2.x, This update mainly offers a series of integrations between our Google+ profile or page and WordPress. Therefore, The Jetpack team had already. Mentioned some time ago that. The Google+ Publicize feature would soon be available to all WordPress users. Who had that plugin installed Therefore, well, the wait is over Therefore, erom now on, and just like on you can automatically share. Your latest content on your profile.  Or Google+ page Therefore,  Jetpack 2.7, which was just released, adds that capability to your WordPress website or blog. To connect your account with Google+.  You must go to your WP. Desktop (control panel) and then go to Settings → Sharing Therefore, By clicking on the “Connect” button next to the Google+ logo. It will ask you to register.

Overall performance improvement

Overall performance improvemen top people datat Jetpack 2.7 also contains several bug fixes and other small features including some Jetpack 2.x. Improvements that will make your site ready for the arrival of WordPress 3.8 and its new default theme. Therefore, Jetpack 2.7 Enhancement: Google+ Publicize Enhancement: Add Cloudup as an oEmbed provider Enhancement: Subscriptions: Add subscribe_ field_id filter to allow updated ids when using multiple .  Widgets Enhancement: Infinite Scroll. Twenty Fourteen Support Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix warning when form is called outside the loop Bug Fix. Featured Content: Moving Settings to Customizer. Therefore,

Other bugfixes and enhancements

Revisions box in Custom CSS Bugfix: Fix several bugs in the WordPress News US Posts Widget so that it correctly updates Bugfix. Limit Login Attempts no longer generates false positives from xmlrpc. Therefore, bugfix: Clear max_posts transient on theme switch. Bugfix. Lower priority of sync to allow. All CPTs to be registered. Therefore, bugfix: Contact form fields emailed in correct order. Therefore, Other bugfixes and enhancements Fuente: jetpack me Create your own blog or website with. Self-installable WordPress on Web Empresa Get a “20% discount” with the special promotion. Friends of José Facchin WordPress Hosting So . Now it will be easier to share any new post on that social platform (such as with Facebook . Therefore, Twitter . Linkedin. etc.). Its use is a great way to contribute to increasing the number of readers .

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