Definition of marketing – What it is, Meaning and Concept

Definition of marketing – What it is, Meaning and Concept. In this article you will find a complete definition of marketing , what its evolution has been in the last 50 years, as well as the 7 types of marketing strategies that will make your business more visible on the Internet. I close the article with a list of 20 Digital Marketing References that you should follow to learn from them every day. I have to admit that this article was inspired by the wonderful presentation given by my friend Miguel Ángel Trabado at the Raiola Marketing Conference .

The 4 Cs of marketing

The 4 Cs of marketing In 1990, Robert Lauterborn raised. Therefore, the concept of the 4Cs ( consumer , cost , convenience and communication ) as part of the evolution and adaptability of marketing in the modern era. This concept has been widely accepted and is highly used to create marketing strategies. The 4Cs of marketing aim to generate a dialogue  job function email list with the customer. Therefore, in which the customer is more than a recipient of products. It is no longer enough to give the customer a good product. But we must know what their needs are in order to satisfy them.

Social Media Marketing

Designing a social media strategy will help us create a community of users. Therefore, who follow our brand, and most importantly to generate more trust and as a mechanism for evangelization of the brand itself. We must carry out a strategy design somewhat in line with our objectives and always keeping in mind. Therefore, that we should not obsess over the number of channels where our company or business will have a News US presence but rather about their quality and successful management. Here I teach you how to create a Social Media strategy to attract visitors that convert.

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