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Would we reciprocate as much in Spain

Hey, I’ve already made up a word, what are we going to do… The truth is that, since I have not been able to read the study, I am not sure if it referred to twice the number of people who accessed the form or twice as many registrations because, if you allow me (already in a playful and mischievous way), it would be strange that If after consuming the content you bother to go to the registration form, don’t register… Would we I don’t know. Furthermore, the question also arises as to whether this, here in Spain, with how Spanish we are, would be like this. Do you think it would work? I don’t know, but I think it’s worth trying.

Don't you think

Conclusions Ending up! That we didn’t finish it, that it is used for something else. We are on the right path, fulfilling our commitment and with a post that executive data is easy to digest. Of course, with this post I do not intend anything other than to open debate . I myself am going to try to finish soon one of the downloadable contents that I had planned to offer according to this model and try it, to see where it takes us. Also tell you that you don’t have to apply it with a registration form, you could even add a call to action at the end of the content , asking for its dissemination in search of an objective more of notoriety than direct conversion. There are possibilities, as we say around here, “in a big way”.

Would we And of course

I would like to know your opinion . Did you know this psychological principle? Do you think it is equally applicable in Spain (or in your country, for that matter)? Would you dare News Us to try it? How would you do it? Would you try a wine called “tabueno” in a restaurant? Tell me tell me. According to this principle, some Italians ( I would give you the link to which the book refers but it seems that something has changed since then because I have tried to access it and I suddenly got a lot of playful little women and another tab that told me that my Mac is infected and that either I clean it right now or it turns brown… so here I am, writing with latex gloves ) they carried out a study in which they put the registration form after downloading good content, no before .

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