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The chapter talks about how most marketers approach lead acquisition from a reward perspective: we create cool content and tell the user something like “if you want it, give me something (your data); earn it . ” This is the reward principle where the user has to take the initiative in trust . With This First he has to perform an action in the hope that the reward will be worth it. But it has to be the one who trusts first. Do you follow me? What happens if I consider that you do not fulfill what you promised? Well, disappointment. Of course, the payment arrived in advance, eh bastards? However, the book advocates, there is a psychological principle of reciprocity that defends that most people tend to return, out of gratitude, what they have given us.

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I would like to know your opinion . Did you know this psychological principle? Do you think company data it is equally applicable in Spain (or in your country, for that matter)? Would you dare to try it? How would you do it? Would you try a wine called “tabueno” in a restaurant? Tell me tell me. According to this principle, some Italians ( I would give you the link to which the book refers but it seems that something has changed since then because I have tried to access it and I suddenly got a lot of playful little women and another tab that told me that my Mac is infected and that either I clean it right now or it turns brown… so here I am, writing with latex gloves ) they carried out a study in which they put the registration form after downloading good content, no before .

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I present to you the principle of reciprocity and urge you to question it. Do you think it would work in Spain? Do we do tests? Hello conch! Eeeem, because it rhymes, huh? Not because News Us you have a long, hairy face, understand me, that’s a saying! Anyway… How are you doing out there today? I’m great, starting to sharpen my fingers to fulfill that commitment that I made with you in the previous post that, by the way, did not reach you by email because I went a little crazy doing tests and tore up the Newsletter . Don’t worry, it’s already fixed, poor thing! So, if you are surprised that I am posting again.

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