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And if that were not enough, it is not easy Your Path to find websites with this topic that may be interesting except for a few pages in which the link is no longer “unique” and the majority of companies in the sector that are working on off-page at a minimum have gone through these. One of the jobs that takes me the most time is to see what pattern of links the competition has . I have found that the majority have a low profile and the links that have reached them are of very poor quality. They are those typical links that are using their images or are spam, so there is a lot to discard and the number of links that could be interesting drops drastically.

Extent the large pages Your Path of the sector where

Once I have reviewed the remaining pages, we found that they category email list are pages of sector fairs (places that if the client is not at these fairs are discarded), supplier pages because they are SAT or because they are the manufacturer and they have the SAT link. and to a lesser extent the large pages of the sector where what works most in the short term is the advertising banner, since they put follow. The most common links in content are links that we are looking for that authority and traffic. We give a lot of importance to the anchor, trying to use not only the brand (in the most generic ones) but also the keyword that we want to position on the most transactional pages.

You have to raise the SEO level of the website to acceptable

Javi Lázaro’s website David Olier My link building work with News US clients depends on many factors: type of project, maturity, authority, competition, SEO status of the website, budget… In the end, SEO is a sum of many factors and link building, although important, is just one more. If the rest of the factors are a disaster, I DO NOT invest time or effort in external linking. You have to raise the SEO level of the website to acceptable minimums before considering it . If the project is good and has authority, we use a “pseudo-organic” link taking advantage of that authority (contacting the media, press releases, interviews, collaborations…). Unless we want to improve the brand image and invest in strategic links in specific media to give us a boost in image and traffic.

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