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Carmen Tune website. Carlos Herrero Elevate Your Writing as a guest author on a blog (guest blogging) has been one of the most used strategies in recent years for link building. Although blogs continue to be an interesting format, content consumption is much more varied than ever with newsletters, video or podcasts. It is precisely with the rise of podcasts where we found a new way that I really like to be able to get a brand link to your website. In the same way that you make a list of interesting blogs and you dare to write to their author to publish. Why won’t you be able to offer yourself as an interviewee on a podcast? Personally, I like podcasts because: Time.

Podcast episode has in a loyal Elevate Your community is usually quite high

It takes me much longer to write a good industry email list article (research, writing, screenshots, review…) than it does to share an hour of chat with a colleague in the sector. Visibility : The impact and concentrated diffusion that the publication of a new podcast episode has in a loyal community is usually quite high. You are not a simple link in a post, you are the center of the content. Audience : You probably have options to reach a type of audience that you couldn’t by blogging alone as a guest author. And what does this have to do with getting a link? There are many professionals who decide to create an internal section on their website to publish the podcast episodes they release.

Common that in the episode post they place a link to the guest's

In addition to visibility in a new audience News US or that many users begin to perform brand searches (company or your name) to get to know you, it is common that in the episode post they place a link to the guest’s website. In this way, you are getting a 2×1: Greater brand visibility due to the format Link to your website A clear example of this is the interview that Álex Serrano, professor at SEOWarriors, conducted with Dean for his SEO podcast talking about Adsense niches. Mr Landon agency website Javier Lázaro (Pichu) Here Javi Lázaro talking about link building, a field that in the industrial sector (where I move most now) is quite unknown.

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