Which is why knowing where and how to place

 The web designer must also know the rules of usability to create convincing interfaces that achieve goals. In fact. It is not enough for a site to be aesthetically pleasing. The site must solve a problem for a user. Which is why knowing where and how to place the buttons. Or what to write in a menu. Is equally important. Web designers are also requir   to have a basic knowl  ge of the rules of seo (search engine optimization). In order to structure the textual information so that users. Via search engines. Can reach the site.

The paths we suggest are


 Become a web designer with these email List courses: if you want to become a web designer we have the right courses for your ne  s. If you are not familiar with the world of graphics. The paths we suggest are: introduction to graphics course photoshop specialist. course illustrator specialist course if you want. to focus on creating websites. Take advantage of our journey with wordpress. which you will find among other web design courses . The most us   platform in the world by web designers to build sites from scratch. If you want to delve deeper into the topics of user interface and user experience. We recommend these two modules:

What is adobe premiere for


what is adobe premiere for? What is News US adobe premiere for? A question that many people ask themselves. Especially newbies. What is adobe premiere for? Adobe premiere pro is one of the reference software in the world of video   iting; it is us   by professionals who deal with video   iting in the most diverse fields. From cinema to television. Through documentaries. Series and advertising.

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