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The web developer deals with the engine


Returning to the car analogy. We can say that while the web designer deals with the bodywork. And therefore the functional aesthetic side of the car. The web developer deals with the engine and the relative functioning of the car. Often these two professional figures work in tandem. Sometimes. But not always. They are contain   in the same person. The web developer must know not only client-side programming languages but also server-side ones such as php and ruby . It is not uncommon for some web developers to acquire design skills and also become web designers. Although much more often the opposite happens.

To become a web designer and be able


 That is. Starting from the ability to draw country email list wireframes of sites and mockups. We move on to study the programming languages to develop a site from start to finish. How to become a web designer. The necessary skills. To become a web designer and be able to work as a freelancer or for agencies. You ne   to know the essential principles of graphics. Alignment. Repetition. Balance. Gestalt principles. Meaning of colors…they must be familiar principles for anyone who wants to work as a web designer and create aesthetically beautiful and functional websites.

In order to be able to intervene if requir


 The tools that the web designer must be able to News US master are different. The most important are: adobe photoshop (for image   iting and creation) adobe illustrator (for creating logos and icons to use on sites) adobe xd (to create realistic wireframes and interactive prototypes without using code) or even figma although the role of the web designer is different from that of the web developer. It is important that the web designer is able to understand the html and css code. In order to be able to intervene if requir   in the backend part (the “behind the scenes” of a site . Different from the front end . The visible part of the latter).

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