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Only by going beyond the standard presentation of the offer, we are able to build a crowd of faithful and loyal ambassadors. Expressive personality attracts attention. Nowadays, more and more often we treat brands as people with whom we enter into a closer or further relationship. We only make friends with those we understand, identify with and who never let us down. Fuzzy brand DNA Sometimes it’s hard to define a brand’s DNA. This happens when: the brand has existe for a long time and nobody has been intereste in this issue so far.

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The company does not have a distinct history that would distinguish it from others, the target group was not properly specifie, the brand easily succumbs to trends, there is no clear strategy of action, creates different messages, uses inconsistent phone number list language or uses the same messages as competitors. In the above situations, we can talk about a dilute brand DNA. Unfortunately, the lack of expressive DNA can negatively affect the company’s operations. Why? It is worth citing an example of consumers’ purchasing intentions. Most people (according to the data, up to 95%) are guide by emotions when buying – they pay attention to whether they like a given brand or identify with it.

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A company that is not expressive may be rejecte. As a result, it will not enjoy as much popularity as.  The competition, it will be hard for it to stand out and win over a loyal group of recipients. The consequence will be low profits, a weak market position, and in the worst case – the collapse of the business. We recommend branding. That is how to turn consumers into brand believers Fuzzy DNA nees to be amplifie. In the case of a company that has been operating on the market for some time, this process may be an element of broadly understood rebranding . Rebranding is the modification of any or all of the elements that make up a brand. Its purpose is to renew the company’s image, to give it specific values, to highlight specific changes that have taken place inside the company.

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