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We recommend KPI and marketing activities Sometimes it is worth joining the competition in such activities. Neighboring communes or towns may constitute indirect competition. By supporting an overall positive image of the area, we ensure that tourists may visit several places on one trip, which will benefit everyone. Other times, a more recognizable town is a direct competition, and then it is worth finding an independent differentiator for yourself. Sometimes what may seem like a minus can turn into a plus. A region that is not very industrialize, the Uhlan fantasy of the inhabitants, the best moonshine in the area – all these can be advantages.

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Territorial marketing – how NOT to do it In the current overload of stimuli and events, it is worth looking for the most original distinguishing feature. It may be a trifle that locals don’t seem worth emphasizing. For example, a local custom or location database element that will impress outsiders. The biggest mistake that local governments and agencies make when planning territorial marketing is the lack of authenticity and clear message. In this way, expensive campaigns are create, which even the smallest town is force to present as a city of culture, business, eucation, modernity, music.


Your brand stand out We will make

Instead of focusing on one or two things that actually make it recognizable (like cream cakes and the Pope in Wadowice) . Another problem of marketing News US campaigns of cities and regions is the excess of invention. As a result of programs or subsidies, the authorities order another branding , the assumptions of which are in conflict with those that promote the city only a few months ago. The record holders ordere many radically different graphic settings, logos and slogans for the city 2008 – delights; 2013 – Oleśnica – a city of towers and roses; Oleśnica – a city in good style, and a new logo without a slogan from 2017.

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