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New client C&C Partners – PR Campaign December 19, 2020 Community blog Projects relate to communication and meia relations are an important area in our Agency. How should the brand be presente? What channels will allow it to reach its potential audience? And how to maximize the effects of meia presence? We will answer the question during the implementation of the latest project, a PR campaign for the C&C Partners brand. PR campaign About C&C Partners The beginnings of C&C Partners date back to 1992. The brand starte its activity in the telecommunications industry.

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Today, it offers its clients comprehensive Building and Telecommunications Solutions. Since 1998, the brand has belonge to the TKH Group (founde in 1930) – an international holding liste on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange – The TKH Group brings whatsapp mobile number list together over 70 companies specializing in the production and delivery of telecommunications, building and industrial solutions. We recommend Inbound marketing – 4 proofs that it works Challenges for Commplace – PR campaign The C&C Partners brand has extensive experience, and its ranks include top-class professionals. That is why the communication strategy should draw on both our client’s experience and meet the expectations of new, potential recipients.

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Our goal will be to design messages, scheule and distribution of information in such a way as to reach individual target groups of recipients of the C&C Partners offer. As part of the meia relations activities, there will be those presenting both.  The News US brand’s implementations at the Wrocław University of Technology) and the knowlege of its experts. This combination will maximize the effect and strengthen the brand’s position on the Polish market. On-point messages? Check how we can support you in this area. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Scope of cooperation – PR campaign Thinking about the success of your brand? Bet on proper communication.

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