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But even personal names can be trademarked, in this case registering a patronymic trademark. Among the trademark categories there are also shape trademarks or figurative trademarks, i.e.  Distinctive signs composed of graphics .  A figurative element or a logo , possibly also accompanied by a textual part. However, not everyone knows that even a sound, a sequence .  Of notes or a musical motif can become sound or acoustic trademarks. Among the most widespread categories of trademarks there are also three-dimensional trademarks, holograms or position trademarks, i.e.

verbal or figurative elements of standard

Dimensions which are always placed in the same Sweden WhatsApp Number Data position of a specific product. Whatever type of trademark you choose to register, it is important that it meets stringent requirements. Which? In order to be registered, a trademark must first of all be new, i.e. the same or similar trademarks used for the same products or services must not already exist on the market. Secondly, it must have a strong distinctive capacity : a brand that includes abstract words or imaginative symbols is clearly stronger, as they can more easily

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Decome unmistakable and closely linked

To a specific offer or a company. On Sweden WhatsApp Number Data  the contrary, it is not possible (and in any case it would not be a good idea) to register as a trademark an expression or sign that refers to generic product classes or those that have become commonly used. Obviously a valid trademark also respects morality, public order and the rights of third parties and cannot therefore, for example, represent incitements to violence or vulgar expressions.

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