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 However, let’s try to understand in general terms what a trademark is, what it means to register it and what the procedure is for doing so. What is a “brand”?  . The brand is that distinctive sign that allows a company to distinguish its offering of products and/or services from that of its competitors. It is an intangible asset of fundamental.  Importance for those who do business.  Because it uniquely characterizes a business, its products and its services. Preventing it from being used by third parties and being able to make exclusive use of it is clearly an essential step to keep the uniqueness and immediate identifiability intact .

Furthermore, a specific idea of ​​quality is

Generally created around a brand, so that  it is this Spain WhatsApp Number Data unique sign that conveys the brand identity , values ​​and philosophy of the company to the target audience. Being the sole owner of a trademark also .  Makes it easier to vise clear communication . Strategies that are immediately understandable by the public and, last but not least, a registered trademark can also contribute to increasing the value of .  A company or even become the subject of

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commercial negotiations with third parties

Thus generating income.  For those who own it). What Philippines Telegram Number can be registered as a “trademark”? The first step to proceed with registration is to understand what is concretely possible to officially register as a trademark.  Article 7 of the Industrial Property Code establishes this.  First of all, any symbol that can be represented graphically can become a .  trademark”, such as specific words, letters, numbers or other typographical signs: in this case we speak of a word or verbal trademark.

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