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It’s All About the Location and Space!

 There are 45 product classes in total and can be consulted online on the MISE website. The choice must be made by carefully considering both the use that will be made of the brand in the short term and its possible future evolutions. Who to contact? Any natural or legal person can request the filing . Of a trademark and the body to which to request . Varies depending on whether you wish to register a trademark only in Italy or also at a European or international level. For Italy it is possible to contact the offices of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry

Crafts and Agriculture present in

The area, or even send the application Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data to the UIBM in Rome. If you have a digital form, you can also start the application online, through the website : simply follow a . Virtual guided procedure that allows you to publish the application intuitively and . Quickly, inserting all the documentation necessary.  And paying the requested amounts directly online. It is clear that by registering a trademark in Italy, it will have value and will be protected only on Italian territory. If you need to guarantee the validity of the registration at

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European level you can rely on the services of the

EUIPO: in this case the procedure will clearly be more South Africa Telegram Number onerous, but will allow you to see your.  Trademark safeguarded in all member states of the . Union European. Finally, if you want to file a.  Trademark that is also recognized outside the.  EU borders, you can register it through the . WIPO office in the countries that recognize the International  . Trademark, i.e. those nations that join the Madrid System . To file a trademark in territories that are . Not part of it, it is necessary to carefully study the relevant local laws and carry out a single registration for each state.

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