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5 traps capable of turning influencer marketing into a real mousetrap

Below, and with the help of Horizont , we review some absolutely blundering mistakes that brands make when they join in a holy and marketing marriage with influencers: 1. 5 traps CPM is not a measure of anything in influencer marketing In online marketing, CPM is a tool of extraordinary precision when determining the cost of an advertisement based on its reach. However, in influencer marketing the CPM lacks any validity as an average unit. When riding on the back of influencer marketing. CPM is above all and above all a metric spurred by vanity (“vanity metric”).

The number of followers

of an influencer does not imply, no matter how astronomical it may be, that the content that the prescriber generates really connects with Greece Phone Number Data the community in which the brands are interested. A large number of “followers” ​​does not guarantee either high engagement or truly efficient reach. Instead of being blinded by the neon lights of raw numbers. Brands should use as a beacon metrics that are closely related to the net reach of the influencers with whom they wish to collaborate. 2. Those who want to be everywhere are doomed to lose Some influencers. Especially the managers behind them. Boast of having collaborated with hundreds of brands (each more disparate).

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The versatility

(or rather fickleness) of influencers is far from being a compelling selling point (or at least it shouldn’t be for brands that really know what they’re Sweden Phone Number List doing in the realm of influencer marketing). In influencer marketing, credibility is what ultimately acts as a multiplier and what brands should desire at all costs. And that credibility inevitably slips through the fingers of those influencers who pride themselves on pampering a different brand every day. That does not mean, however, that brands should ask for exclusivity from influencers. From whom they do have to demand authenticity. Without it, both the influencers and the brands that shelter in their shadow lose.

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