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E-commerce: problems of small sellers

E-commerce During the pandemic, many small businesses decided to offer products and services online. Despite the good results, there were obstacles, including high management costs (32%), the lack of specific skills (28%) and again difficulties in managing the logistics chain (28%). We therefore need to work on these aspects to improve the customer purchasing experience and see the company grow online. Let’s not forget that we need to focus on a multi-channel experience , where physical and digital channels are not watertight compartments but integrate with each other.

Demanding but satisfied consumers

Despite the system’s numerous India Mobile Number Data shortcomings, consumers have rewarded e -commerce during the pandemic , preferring this sales channel to more traditional ones. For example, even now that Quarantine is over and it is possible to go to stores, many people decide to buy online anyway. Do you want to sell online? Create your e-commerce with our experts! FIND HOW Specifically, 35.4% of consumers purchased products on the web that they generally bought in stores.

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This percentage increased by 1.8% after the lockdown

Online shopping was the real Iran Phone Number surprise: food and basic necessities ended up in the virtual carts of many consumers. And this still happens today (+1.7% compared to April). Digital payments and contactless deliveries The pandemic has accustomed us to keeping our distance and this behavior continues even when we shop. This is why during and after the emergency, payments with digital tools increased , such as credit and prepaid cards, but also apps and digital discount coupons.G

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