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Personalization and cybersecurity

According to Mindsat analysis, the sector is currently Personalization and moving from a model based on hospitality to another which instead aims at personalizing experiences and in this case new technologies can really help. In fact, digital tools allow you to collect data on travel preferences to process them and propose tailor-made offers. Naturally, however, when handling sensitive information you need to be very careful about privacy .

The survey shows that many companies

Are already moving in this direction: on the one Netherlands Phone Number Data hand they are acquiring technologies to collect and manage customer data, on the other they are introducing professional figures who are responsible for securing this information, among these there is the Chief Information Security Officer . However, this awareness mainly concerns large groups in the sector , while SMEs still have to work hard in this direction. However, the revolution concerns everyone, not just the big players. In fact, it must be considered that the customer in the tourism sector is perpetually connected and releases a report asks is “ how will the tourism sector react to Covid-19 ? ” In part the answer is already underway:

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Companies are already carrying out

an important New Zealand Phone Number List transformation, turning increasingly to digital, both internally (smart working) and externally (online booking platforms, apps etc.) These tools will increase in the future and there will be more and more integration between the traditional and remote sales channels. We will focus on the analytical data mart to improve both marketing strategies and CRM, pricing, promotion on social networks and so on. Finally, it will be important to invest in product innovation and the need for flexibility . In this case we refer to solutions such as the provision of vouchers, replacement of flights and trips, advance purchases, accessories and health insurance.

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