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Digital&Export Business School Unicredit training for SMEs begins

The second phase of the training course takes Digital&Export Business place from October to December 2020 and involves professionals and companies from many Italian regions. Here are the details Published on 06 October 2020 Alt text One of the secrets to growing on a professional but also personal level is certainly to constantly inform and train on the evolution of the market and the socio-economic context. In fact, the world changes quickly and to remain competitive it is essential to understand what consumers’ needs are, how to satisfy them, but also who the competitors are,

Market trends and the new

Echnologies available to New Zealand Phone Number Data companies. In light of this, staying informed and keeping up with the times is not easy. Fortunately, there are several quality training courses that offer effective and targeted training. Among the training courses starting in October in Italy, the Digital&Export Business School stands out , the digital training school managed by

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Unicredit , in collaboration with

Microsoft, Sace and Simest. The Philippine Phone Number List course also involves 18 trade associations and will stop in the various regions of our country to allow entrepreneurs to hone their skills in digitalisation, internationalisation, finance, gender economy, e-commerce and much more. The first stage took place in Sicily and was a real success, but the calendar until December 2020 is really busy and full of ideas.

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