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Tourism: the key to recovery is digitalisation

Tourism after Covid-19: what will it be like and what are the technologies to focus on for the restart? Here are the data from the Minsait report. Published on 06 October 2020 Alt text The tourism sector has been particularly affected by the health and economic .   Crisis linked to Covid-19 . After the emergency phase and quarantine, companies are now trying to regain normality and are also committed to building a strategy that is effective in the long term. In this context, digital plays and will increasingly play a crucial role because thanks to new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data, companies will be able to predict customer needs and personalize the offer.

Digitalisation performs a fundamental task

is a real accelerator of recovery. This is Mexico Phone Number Data what emerges from the investigation conducted by Minsait and published on CorCom. Tourism: the technologies that will govern the recovery Personalization and cybersecurity Tourism sector and post Covid Tourism: the technologies that will govern the recovery According to Minisait , the tourism sector, even in the best case scenarios, will recover from the pandemic by the second quarter of 2021 , not earlier. Companies that rely on digital will be able to derive various advantages even during the crisis.

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Technology will be an accelerator of recovery, the report states

Among the most Mexico Phone Number List important tools.  Artificial Intelligence and machine learning stand out, but it will also be important to invest in cyber security and cloud platforms. Not to mention that the Government is working on the Italy Cashless Program , through which it intends to encourage digital payments . And the plan targets all sectors, including tourism. It will also be important to automate processes and reduce business costs, also because traveler fares tend to decrease.

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