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 Same as me? Well, I am changing the original fixed link format “ date and name ” – to format “ article name ” – I recommend you always do this. Setting a permanent link When changing a permanent link, it is absolutely mandatory and necessary to redirect it, unless you want to mess up. 😛 web hosting company How to export a website Export a website is very time consuming, so let’s see what this process is like: download, install and activate “ export all ” plugins from the repository.

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In the menu, go to the “ tool”>“ to export all ”. Select the option to new data generate the export file. You can choose the type of publication you want to export, the field (at least mark here option), and the status of the publication (published, pending, draft) Exported files. To do this, you have two options: generate a downloadable file or display a list on the screen(Out this output). These are basic options, which is enough for most cases, but if you want to refine further, you can display filter options and advanced options that you can use by date, author, custom export file name and other small things: plugin export all

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 URLs Advanced Options Conclusion This is it! As you can see, exporting a website is not that complicated, is it? Yes, my friend, everything News US is there. Articles are fast, simple, and well-founded. Now, if you like, give me a star, share this article, and then read it in our next post! Bear hugs and kisses!!! Click to rate this entry! (Votes: Average:) You may also be interested What is it ? Laughter, sadness and anger emoji The best and worst is what?:

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