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 I recommend that you increase the number of “ elements per page” in the “ screen option” upper tab so that there are no unselected entries. Step: Click on the above “ bulk operation” and select “ ” option. Click “ app” and save the file to your computer. Step four: Install the plugin on the new website and then enter the “ tool> ”. Select the file you downloaded from the old website and select the option you are interested in from the options that appear on the screen (I suggest you check all options) to import it.

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Step One: After the import is complete, the following screen will appear: Ready! You have imported all posts from the old special data website to the new website and their featured images. Hosted Raola Network Conclusion As you can see, it is very simple to import posts with featured images. What’s not clear is that in any case, native tools don’t do this anymore: Hey, I’m done. Its a quick and easy post, dont complain about goodbye,

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 Pasco!!!! Click to rate this entry! (Votes: Average:) You may also be interested What is it ? Laughter, sadness and anger emoji What is best and worst?: Editor in-depth tutorial Comments“ on how to export ” posts with featured pictures Alex Month Day News US Great post, I tried it and it worked well. Have a few doubts. Comments can’t be exported? What plug-ins can I use? Greetings Reply Edouard Rubianes January Hi, Alex, yes, comments were also exported.

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