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One of the most thankless tasks when redesigning an existing website is importing posts from the old website to the new website, especially since the native import export tool is not completely accurate, and to put it mildly (sh, this is a bit bad!!!), Because the featured pictures of blog posts are not important. Therefore, in this article, I will show you a very fast and reliable way to export posts with featured images.

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 There are other ways to import a post from another blog, such as latest database direct copy You can even migrate the full website from one installation to another, or from a blog to another, but in this case we just want to solve the problem of an official importer that will go through all the featured images, Even if you choose the option to import media. How to export and import posts from one website to another To export and import all posts from one website to another, we simply install the plugin.

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 In summary, the role of this plugin is to save the content in a format so that you can download it and take it to another website. I’ll tell you what steps you have to take: Step one: Download, install, and activate News US the plugin in Where the post is. Step one: In the side menu, go to “ posts” and select all posts(or posts you want to export). If you have “ hidden” many entries behind the pagination(displayed by default),

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