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Technological advances blur competition between startups

Technological advances the incorporation of technological advances in companies is creating a new business ecosystem in the world. Companies are normally classified by their size, however, thanks to the incorporation of new tools such as Fintech and open technologies, smaller companies can become real competition for large multinationals. On June 20, Madrid will host the VI edition of Openexpo Europe, the largest European event on topics of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics and technology applied to innovation. Professionals from any field and specialized professionals will be able to learn about the latest technological advances available that will be fundamental for the growth of the current business fabric.

Digitalization and new technological

processes represent an important competitive advantage for those who incorporate them into their businesses. This has been demonstrated Hong Kong Phone Number Data by tools such as fintech : The particular accounting of each department or coordination for administrative professionals can involve a lot of management time and takes away hours from the day to really dedicate it to tasks that generate real benefit. An example of this is its application to the commercial team. Their tasks include the justification of many expenses related to travel, accommodation, etc. During the time they spend creating expense sheets, they are losing the opportunity to generate new sales.

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Fintech solutions Technological advances

make the most of workers’ time to reduce costs and increase profits. The incorporation of technological advances in companies must be Saudi Arabia Phone Number List accompanied by training programs. Professionals must see new tools as allies to optimize their work processes and not as a threat to their jobs. Investing in the right applications can multiply the productivity of each worker and thus the company’s profit account. That is why the organization of the event insists that employee information and training is vital for the business strategy. More than 80 professionals have collaborated on the ebook “The future is open” to highlight the need to also create a community to share the advantages and opportunities of the advances that will be key to the future of the sector.

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