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DL August: measures for SMEs approved by the Senate

The text will be approved by.  October 13th. Among the new features: smart working and leave, taxes and benefits for Italian companies. Here are the details Published on 07 October 2020 Alt text The Conversion Law of the August .  Decree has been approved by the Senate and is now ready to be examined by the Chamber of Deputies. To speed up the process, the .  Government asked for a vote of confidence at Palazzo Madama, where the text passed with 148 votes in f.  Avour, 117 against and no abstentions. The Chamber will now have to approve it by October 13th , so given the tight deadlines,

There will certainly be no changes

The measure appears to be Laos Phone Number Data definitive and, compared to the original one, contains several innovations , many of which involve small and medium-sized businesses . In particular, the matters to be considered are smart working , leaves, tax deadlines and suspensions and benefits for the companies most damaged by the health and economic emergency, including those in the tourism and catering sectors. Leave and smart working .  Tax deadlines: news Concessions for categories damaged by .  Covid Refinanced tools to support companies

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Leave and smart working In view

Of the start of the school year.  V the Government Lebanon Phone Number has thought of some solutions for working parents who will therefore have to reconcile family needs with those linked to professional life. The text provides that parents of children up to 14 years of age who remain at home for quarantine due to possible Covid infection have the right to smart working or, when not possible, they can have extraordinary parental leave paid at 50%. The benefit can be used alternatively by one of the two parents: both cannot use it at the same time.

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