1 million pixels against breast cancer new VMLY&R campaign for Ausonia

1 million pixels After having raised more than 2 and a half million euros in the last 14 years. Ausonia and AECC have joined forces again in the fight against breast cancer within the 1 pack=1 minute initiative. But this year, coinciding with their 15th anniversary. They have decided to go further with the action “1 million pixels against breast cancer”. Always with family, friends and loved ones in mind , the brand launched its Christmas campaign “The Truth on the Table” , with an audiovisual piece by Sioux and Cyranos.

1 million pixels against breast cancer

VMLY&R has once again been in industry email list charge of developing one of Ausonia’s most emblematic campaigns. This year with a greater purpose that will be added to the already recognized 1 pack=1 minute, for which 1 minute is added with the purchase of each one of the brand’s packs. That will continue to have its usual presence on television and social networks.

Chenoa or Susana Molina among others

The new 100% digital campaign News US will facilitate the contribution of one minute to all users through the  . To do this, they will only have to choose their pixel and optionally leave a message. Converting the pixel to pink and revealing the illustration created by designer Ana Locking. Which represents the fight of women against breast cancer. Ruavieja is one of the most emblematic brands of the Christmas season. With a history dating back to 1889, Ruavieja’s premium liqueurs and spirits have conquered and brought together Spanish families for more than 130 years. 

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