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Your Idea of Perfect Vacation Accompanied by The Sandy White Beaches

 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: differences Augmentedt.  Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are often confused, yet they are two technologies with peculiar and different characteristics. The virtual reality experience requires wearing devices, such as thet.  HTC Vive and Oculus Rift , composed of a visor helmet that precludes contact with the surrounding environment. Virtual Reality, therefore, replaces real sensorial reality, covering the visual field. Conversely,

Augmented Reality adds details to the visual field actually

Perceived by the user, projecting images only in Turkey Phone Number Data a limited area in front of their eyes, or showing additional information on the smartphone or tablet display. Augmented Reality: how does it work in practice? To work, Augmented Reality requires specific apps and digital devices such as ‘smart glasses’, smartphones, tablets, navigators etc. Here is a brief mention of their technical functioning: Let’s start with the most sophisticated equipment, namely professional ‘ smart glasses ‘, such as Microsoft HoloLens which use the Windows

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Mixed Reality operating system. They present themselves as

Transparent glasses that leave the user’s field Vietnam Phone Number List of vision open and total freedom of movement, allowing you to virtually position app windows and 3D images on what is being focused on at that moment. Satellite navigators enhanced with Augmented Reality use the smartphone camera to provide additional information – such as petrol stations, places of interest, speed and speed cameras, etc. – displayed directly on the car windshield.


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