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Strategy vs. Tactics: The Difference in Your Company’s Success

Whether it’s telling a best friend he’s been betrayed, telling the boss that his idea is bad, or delivering something bitter for everyone to accept.

Because we definitely don’t want to make someone sad.

We don’t know how their reactions and acceptance stages will be.

They may feel jealous of you and start to distance themselves from you. This is something you definitely don’t want.

So sometimes you hide the truth to avoid them being discouraged

Sometimes, in order to save ourselves, we ‘lie circumcision’.

Actually I have to tell you something..
.. and you may not like hearing it.

But if you have trouble being an honest person, you need to know this

This will make you a better person, a true friend, a person you can trust.

Listen …

You are a COWARD!

If you can’t be honest with people, especially Whatsapp Mobile Number List when you know they like it, then you’re a coward.

Why can’t you be a coward when telling the bitter truth?
You are not helping anyone by hiding the truth..

.. although it is very bitter to hear.

The only thing you have to protect is yourself.

Because you are afraid of the consequences for yourself later.


Being honest is about making sure your friends know the things they need to know to make good decisions.

This includes things they may not like.

You may find it better to hide things that are difficult and that your friends don’t like

.. but believe me it really isn’t.

Ignorance will not bring any good.

It may even destroy someone else’s life.

So can we be said to be good if so?

As a person who cares about his brother honesty is very important

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Because they depend on you to correct them when News US they go down the wrong path.

You are the one who will guide them towards the straight and true path.

You may be afraid of losing friends when you tell the bitter truth, but trust me, hiding it will only make things worse.

It will get you labeled as untrustworthy in the long run.

When you are honest all the time, people will know what to expect from you.

When they need the right insight, you’re the place to go.

Yes, you may lose a few friends, but you will gain the trust and respect of many more.

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