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Everything will take time and they need to change

We are not helping them if we sugar-coat this reality. Don’t let them shock themselves

Be aware of the big mistakes that will be made
You certainly wouldn’t let your friend cross a busy street recklessly and blindly.

Surely you will pull back his hand back.

In fact you will not hesitate to do the same even to strangers

So, why can you let them make bad and dangerous Phone Number List decisions, without trying to save them from it?
Crossing a busy road recklessly will often cause an accident — it’s just as bad as making the wrong decision, which can destroy lives, cost savings, and possibly even land you in jail.

So if someone is about to make the wrong decision — your willingness to be honest with them may be the reason that saves them from future misery.

When soft methods fail
How directly directly needed?

When other methods are ineffective.

That is when we have tried in a soft and padded way, but it is ignored by them.

Then it’s time to be more mature by telling them what they need to hear, directly, and without padding or hiding anything.

There are two truths in each of these situations:

Listeners desperately need to be informed of the bitter truth…

Three situations that require us to speak frankly
Honesty is always a good policy.

But not all situations require us to speak directly.

So how do we know when it’s time to be honest without hiding anything

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In fact, it is about how we assess the News US situation and be clear with our goals.

There are usually three situations that require us to be honest:


1. Help them get out of delusion
When someone comes to you and tells you about his imagination.

For example, many people believe they will be happy if they can work as they dream.

Many quit their jobs just to pursue their dreams, and think they’ll get rich soon.

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