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While other social networking sites

Keeps users up to date with the current status of their messages. Read receipts are like Band-Aids at times, especially when you’ve shared something urgent or essential. This feature allows the sender to know if the receiver is reading their messages or not. Accordingly, they can take any additional measures if necessary.

How does LinkedIn Read While other  Receipts Function?

Read receipts are, by default, enabled  Colombia Phone Number List on LinkedIn. How LinkedIn read receipts. Work is different from other social networking sites.  display double ticks, blue ticks.  While other  or visible, LinkedIn has a unique concept.

LinkedIn displays a gray checkmark once your text is sent to the recipient. Other people can see your mini profile photo on the right side of the screen when you open and read the direct message.

In addition users can also control the write flag.

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With read receipts. In other words, when News US  you enable read receipts, users can see a write indicator when you’re texting or replying. Whereas, on the other hand, when you disable read receipts, users can’t tell if you read their text or see a typing indicator.

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