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What You Need To Know About Beautiful Houston Condos Before You Buy

Debt claims Debt claims ; It is the legal method used to collect all kinds of receivables. The receivable is proven by filing a lawsuit and the court decision is enforced. What does a debt lawsuit mean? Receivables are money, goods or other things that should be received from someone or somewhere as a result of a relationship or in accordance with an account, but have not yet been received. The lawsuits filed in this case are called debt lawsuits .

What is an Uncertain Claim Case

The exact amount of the receivable may not be Australia Telegram Number Data determined at the time the claim is filed. The lawsuit to be filed here is called an uncertain debt lawsuit . It is regulated by the first and second paragraphs of Article 107 of the HMK. Therefore,  There is no obligation to precisely determine the outcome of the request in the petition of this case. In other words, the creditor can later increase the receivable he requested. For example, in labor cases,

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The amount can be determined by

Taking into account the evidence collected and the Arabia Email List expert calculation. A similar practice also occurs in property cases. The goods are identified by the expert and the report is submitted to the court. In this way, the receivable is fully determined. In addition, a debt lawsuit without a promissory note will be an example of an uncertain debt lawsuit. How to File a Receivables Case? A lawsuit for receivables is opened by applying with a petition to the court in charge, depending on the type of case.

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