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Investing in Properties in Singapore

The question of which court hears the debt issue will vary depending on the nature of the debt. The competent court to give credit; labor court, civil court of first instance, commercial court, Consumer court There may be different courts such as: One of the most important issues regarding how to file a receivables lawsuit is the relative fee. To file a claim, the relative fee calculated on the debt amount must be paid. If the fee is high, it may be difficult to file a lawsuit.

The question of where to file a receivables

Lwsuit will be answered according to the Belgium Telegram Number Data jurisdiction rules set out in the Civil Code. Accordingly, the court where the defendant resides is the competent court. Therefore,  In what cases is a debt lawsuit filed? Therefore,  Pursuant to the Civil Code, a Therefore,  debt lawsuit can be filed under certain conditions. The debt in question must be due and traceable.

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The debt payment deadline

Must pass. The debt must not have been fulfilled Australia Email List to the creditor before. The receivable must be clearly stated in the petition. Therefore,  (Excluding Uncertain Claim Case) The statute of limitations for a claim must not be exceeded. Statute of Limitations for Claims Limitation periods are regulated in accordance with articles 146-147 of the UK.

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