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VWO scroll maps provide information

With UXtweak, you get not only a heatmap tool, but also a complete set of research and testing tools to help you improve your website and apps. Here are some of the features you will have access to with UXtweak: website usability testing, mobile app usability testing, prototype testing, preference testing, surveys, and many more.

VWO attention, VWO scroll  and what elements distract them.

The excellent visual  VWO scroll  representation Switzerland Phone Number List  of user interaction with the website makes it easy for users to identify strategic points for their digital business.

VWO’s innovative Dynamic Heatmaps navigation mode allows website owners to navigate between different pages while viewing data in elements of these pages. Not only does it get all the data you need, but it also puts you in the audience’s shoes at the same time, allowing you to see your product from both perspectives.

In addition to heat maps

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VWO also offers other types of maps. Click on News US  VWO maps to bring the real-time data of the items where visitors are clicking. This data can be used to understand key action points to eliminate distracting parts for users.  about the scrolling of users on web pages. The data from the scroll maps can ensure that users do not ignore any critical links and elements. Other VWO products include Click Area, Item Lists.

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