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Focus on the important stuff filter by sessions

Freshmarketer also provides segmented heatmaps to improve website optimization. You can capture and segment visitor interactions by geography, traffic source, and their devices. It helps you create better awareness about your audience and gives you the insight to personalize the experience for all segments.

In addition to heat maps,  Focus on the  new marketers provide.

An all-in-one sales and marketing Thailand Phone Number List solution that combines the power of sales, marketing, customer interactions, chat, and telephony in one Intelligence-driven solution  technology. You can now:

  • Attract the best leads with  Focus on the  personalized messages
  • Engage your audience across multiple channels and platforms
  • Close deals faster than traditional methods, with the help of AI-based insights
  • Offer a personalized experience with a 360* customer context.

UX tweak is a comprehensive

Phone Number List,

UX research platform that offers powerful News US  research tools to improve the usability of your digital products, from prototyping to production. Heatmaps are part of your  . The tool allows you to track all user interactions with your site and generate heat maps on demand.

You can generate Click or Tap Heatmaps to view clicks on your site, Move Heatmaps to view how users are moving their cursors, and Scroll Heatmaps to see how far down the page users are scrolling.


The tool collects and indexes all the interactions that users have with the site and allows searches with its SmartSearch filter. This allows you to filter only the user sessions that interest you.

Benefits of the UXtweak session recording tool:

  • You can analyze every interaction – Capture more user interaction data than with any other analytics tool . Heat maps, activity tracking, and detailed statistics help you uncover user activities you don’t even know about. with specific clicks, input field changes, or URLs visited. Choose from more than 40 filters , combine them freely and locate interesting moments among thousands of recordings.
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