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It should be noted that; In order for the employee to file a reinstatement lawsuit, he or she must be subject to job security. Worker’s Job Security Having an employment contract of indefinite . Duration, The worker must have worked at that workplace for at least 6 months. The employee does not act as the employer’s representative, The employer employs 30 or more workers In such cases, the worker is considered to have job security. Workers who are subject to job security but do not want reinstatement or who are not subject to job security

Can file a lawsuit in the Labor Court for their labor receivables

Application to mediation is mandatory before Denmark Telegram Number Data filing a lawsuit. What is Paid to a Dismissed Worker? Among the receivables to be paid to the dismissed worker, severance pay, notice pay, overtime receivables, annual leave receivables, wage and AGI receivables, week holiday receivables, annual leave receivables, UBGT can be counted as the most common receivables. In addition to these, the worker has receivables to which he is entitled depending on the concrete event. In order to evaluate these in the best way, it is beneficial to get legal assistance from a labor law lawyer . How Much Compensation

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For example in case of dismissal before the end of 6 months

the employee will not be entitled to severance pay. If the employee India Email List works for the same employer for 1 year or more, he will be entitled to severance pay. Compensation calculation for 1-10 years of employment If the employee’s.  Employment is between 1 and 10 years, severance pay is.  The product of the monthly gross salary . And the seniority period. For employees who have worked for more than 10 years, severance pay is paid in the.  Amount of 3.5 days of gross salary for each year.

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