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It will be clearly stated who is the maintenance creditor and who is the maintenance debtor. A party’s duty of care and supervision regarding the subject of the contract will be clearly stated. Again, the subject of the contract will specify the other party’s obligation to transfer a certain asset. The parties will take the floor and make statements clearly expressing their statements. These include ensuring that reserved shares are not violated, that they have the power to appeal, etc. They will make statements on the issues. Special provisions of the contract will be regulated.

This section will contain many detailed explanations

Thus, the rights and obligations of the careĀ  obligor and the Vietnam Telegram Number Data care creditor will differ. Obligations and rights vary within the scope of each contract. Every issue in this regard should be considered and decided down to the smallest detail. Because it is clear that an otherwise situation will lead to loss of rights for both parties. Witness statements are also important elements of the till-death care contract. A form requirement has been introduced into this contract. The contract of care until death must be made in the form of an inheritance contract. In other words, it should be prepared in the form of an official will. In short, this contract must be made in the presence of the official officer and two witnesses.Rights of the Dismissed Worker

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The rights of the employee whose employment

Contract is unfairly terminated, that is, dismissed, by the employer Saudi Arabia Phone Number List will arise. The rights of unjustly dismissed workers are protected in our law by introducing the principle of interpretation in favor of the worker. Therefore, What Should a Dismissed Worker Do? The dismissed worker can file a lawsuit for labor receivables as his dismissal rights or file a lawsuit for reinstatement. Labor receivables include: Severance pay , Termination benefits , Will receive overtime pay, will receive wages, Will receive annual leave, UBGT will receive, AGI receivables, He will get a week holiday etc.

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