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The Urbanite at Hertford

Therefore,  ccording to recent research by Deloitte, just under 90% of companies with an annual turnover between 100 million and 1 billion dollars already use augmented reality or virtual reality technology. Manage your digital presence on search engines, sites and social media from a single point FIND HOW We have just mentioned why: the prospect of showing people what it is like to use a product, in an innovative way, through an interactive and engaging experience, is really too ‘appetising’ to pass up.

Virtual Reality companies: practical examples

There are many examples of the application of UK Phone Number Data Virtual Reality to corporate marketing, we highlight a couple of them that are very different from each other due to the type of campaign designed: The American company Toms , very attentive to social ethics, has created the “One for One” program which provides for the gift of a pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair of shoes sold. To add value to the initiative, Toms created a virtual reality experience to engage customers. In fact, with this technology, a video entitled “

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A Walk In Their Shoes

was created which shows a skateboarder traveling to Arabia Whatsapp Number List Colombia to meet the child who will be able to receive a free pair of shoes, thanks to the purchase from Toms . The powerful and emotional video allows viewers to move the 360° image on their phone or tablet, showing the streets and alleys of a small town in Colombia.

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