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The organizers of the event have classified

The organizers for professionals and companies that wish to stay up to date with the latest news in the sector, the event offers free open registration until March 31. Main challenges of the Spanish economy in 2019 The main benefit that competition brings is the need for large and small companies to optimize their business strategies year after year to remain in the market in addition to improving their products and services for their customers. ICT challenges for the Spanish economy during 2019 and to this end have created a series of specialized micro events to create debates, presentations that add value to visitors: – OpenTech Conference : not all companies have the ability to invest in their own developers.

Technology and open source

solutions have caused a great revolution in the transformation of companies and the creation of new ones, where the value lies in the India Mobile Number Data nature and management of the company and not so much in its technological development, giving more value to the product or service they offer. – European Cybersecurity Forum : cybersecurity has become one of the main focuses of attention for companies. For a user, their privacy and data security is even more important than the ease of management of the tool. The forum will discuss the current problems of cyberspace, threats to business cybersecurity and solutions to – AI & IoT Summit.

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Artificial Intelligence can benefit

The processes and strategies of companies by providing added value to the workforce and management models. – Fintech Forum: to discover Spain Phone Number List the fundamental challenges that the sector faces in the financial aspect and the tools that companies can adopt to optimize their – Open CIO Summit : directed by invitation to CIO’s & IT Leaders to participate in exclusive sessions through which to be updated on all the disruptive trends that can help generate benefits to the Openexpo Europe 2019 is a good opportunity to meet between professionals and the most relevant companies in the sector to find the most appropriate technological solutions, learn about the trends in the sector and since it is a meeting point and business generation.

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