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The Difference Between a Loft And a Condo?

Because if the tenant, who pays the rent regularly and in full, also pays the side expenses such as dues and small repairs in full, the lessor cannot file an eviction lawsuit based on the fact of default. How does a landlord evict a tenant of 10 years? TBK m. In accordance with Article 347, the lessor is given the right to terminate the lease after the lease has been extended 10 times. The lessor may terminate the contract by sending a written notice

If the financial situation

The judge will re-determine the amount of the  child Thailand Telegram Number Data support or remove the child support upon request w much is the alimony for 2 children? The answer to the question of how much alimony will be for 2 children will vary depending on .  The children’s living conditions, health and the .  Economic status of the obligor. It is determined according to items such as health, housing, education, clothing expenses.  And the economic situation of the alimony obligor.

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Can retroactive child support be requested

Retroactive alimony cannot be requested. Because the Mexico Phone Number List date on which the right to alimony is earned is the date on which the divorce decision becomes final. Requests will not be possible for dates before the decision becomes final. However, if there is unexecuted alimony.  It can be collected’Till .   Death Care Contract’ A care until death contract is a .  Contract made by a person in exchange for another person to take care .  Of him/her until the end of his/her life. In this contract.  The person undertakes to transfer all or part of the value .  Of his or her assets in exchange for .  Maintenance. The outcome of the contract of care until death, which imposes a debt on both parties, depends on luck and coincidence.

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