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Differences Between Condominiums And Condominium Complexes

It can be done in two ways : inheritance law and obligations law. Condition of Form of Care Until Death Contract The contract for care until death must be made in official form. This is done in the form of an inheritance contract. If this contract is made by a state-recognized care institution, in compliance with the conditions determined by the competent authorities, it is sufficient for it to be in written form to be valid. Does the Care Until Death Contract Be Transferred to the Heirs? With the death of the care obligor, the responsibility for care and supervision passes to the heirs.

This responsibility continues by the

Heirs consecutively for 5 years. However, here the Turkey Telegram Number Data maintenance creditor is granted a right. If the maintenance creditor does not want to continue the contract with the heirs, he can terminate the contract within 1 year. It is clear that the contract ends if the care recipient dies. Here, the heirs will not be able to claim rights from the contract. However, the contract of care until death may have caused a violation of the reserved share. Because the maintenance creditor disposes of his assets. Either all or part of the assets may be transferred. In this case, if the reserved shares of the maintenance creditor’s heirs are damaged, a lawsuit for compensation may be filed.

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Can a House Purchased with a Care

Until Death Agreement Be Sold? There is no New Zealand Phone Number List obstacle to the transfer of the real estate acquired with a maintenance contract to other persons. However, here the maintenance creditor may have a legal mortgage right. The maintenance creditor can register his mortgage right in the land registry with a written application within 3 months after the transfer of the real estate. In this case, the house can be sold. However, the maintenance creditor does not lose his rights and can also assert them against a third party.

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