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Above your blank document

 Basically every time you choose a tool you will have options for the one you have chosen in the so-call   control panel or control bar. At the top. Above your blank document. Since adobe illustrator is us   to create very different works. For print and for the web. Its interface can be customiz   bas   on the occasion of use. In fact. You will be able to choose different interfaces. Such as the essential one or the one for painting. Illustrator can be us   on a computer (pc or mac) with the mouse or through a graphics tablet. Such as those from wacom.

Drawing simple vector paths is easy


 Furthermore. Adobe illustrator is also available europe email list in the ipad version where it is extremely fun and quick to use it together with the apple pencil. Illustrator works through paths that you can draw freehand. With curves or by adding or subtracting simple geometric shapes using tools such as the “shape maker”. If you are taking your first steps in the world of graphics we recommend one of our introductory courses to start off on the right foot straight away : Drawing simple vector paths is easy with adobe illustrator conclusions adobe illustrator is us   to create vector graphics and is us   by creatives for various purposes. Such as the creation of logos and company brochures. But also posters and infographics .

Vectorize hand-drawn drawings


 Illustrator can be us   on pc and mac with a mouse and/or graphics tablet. If you have an ipad and an apple pencil your News US creative experience with illustrator will be even more fun and mobile-friendly. You will be able to draw detail   paths that never blur. Vectorize hand-drawn drawings. Create illustrations from scratch starting from simple geometric shapes. Use color gradients for impactful shades and much more. Take a look at our courses to start creating something amazing today: