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Based on your data

When it comes to Total Followers at a Glance, your most important Instagram Insight is Busy Times. You can use tis to track what times in a day work best for you.

Or, on which days your target audience seems to engage with your audience the most.

creat a posting strategy to engage your audience when they’re most active. this helps you  only when you know your audience is online; instead of at any time of the day.

Check content interactions

Content Chinese Thailand Phone Number List interactions refer to likes, comments, saves, and shares. For an overview of your entire account’s performance, see  Look at the location, age, and gender of your engaged audience. And, the breakdown of followers and non-followers and the number of interactions each category of your post receives.

It will also show you your top Reels and posts sorted by likes and stories sorted by replies.

Access the main loations

Special Database

You can take a lookat the location of your audience  News US in three ways, depending on the three categories: