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Social Media Crash: How to Sell Off Platforms

After the problem with the platforms in the last week, it became clear that it is necessary to learn to sell outside of Social Media. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were offline for 6 hours this Monday, October 4th. And with that, the question arose: How not to lose sales when this happens? After all, if you condition your sales only to Social Networks, unfortunately, this can lead to great losses. Thus, once again, the main online platforms left users from all over the world without access. Therefore, discover in this article some alternatives to maintain your company’s profits even when disorders of this type happen.

How did Social Networks come to be

It’s hard to pinpoint when social media first appeared. All we know is that today they are a significant part of most people’s lives. However, we can say that it was in the 1990s that the first virtual Social Networks emerged. Thus, the first online community worth mentioning is GeoCities , from 1994. That said, we can name the creators of Social Networks as David and John who were the founders of GeoCities. However, this network was not exactly an example of interaction El Salvador Mobile Number List between Internet users, even though it provided resources for users to create their own pages. And having had 38 million users. In its time, this tool was a real hit. Mostly in the United States and Canada. However, it was with the turn of the century that there was the real boom of Social Networks.

Its advantages and disadvantages

Like everything else in life, Social Media can be used for both good and bad. However, it is obvious that the original proposal of these platforms did not include the disadvantages that we observe today. However, as a user and an entrepreneur, you need to be aware. Therefore, the important thing is to explore the best of these News US platforms and protect yourself against threats. Now let’s see the pros and cons of Social Media: Benefits It is necessary to recognize that Social Networks play a very important role in our society. After all, they bring people together, form couples, create bonds and new friendships. Besides, of course, being an excellent way to interact with your company’s audience. A business can use Social Media for branding and build a strong brand.

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