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Argal offers scholarships valued at 100,000 euros to people who love what they do

Argal Alimentación is once again committed to scholarships for people who love what they do , a project that seeks to help achieve the goals of those who are passionate about what they do. On this occasion. The company has expanded the remuneration in both quantity and quality; Argal offers Up to 14 applicants will share a total of up to 100,000 euros . To qualify for the scholarships, applicants must participate through the Argal website by sharing what they are passionate about. What they would use the money for if they were worthy of one of the grants.

The purpose of this participation

For which it can be applied in both video and text formats under the hashtag #GenteQueAmaLoQue. Hace , is to get help to continue training France Phone Number Data and continue enjoying what they love. With the desire to increase the scope of the aid. This year, the total will be distributed among 14 scholarships as follows: · 1st prize: €20,000 · 2nd prize: €15,000 · 3rd prize: €10,000. Argal heads this project for the second consecutive year with the desire to give an opportunity to those people who deserve recognition that is an example of contagion for everyone.

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Last weekend

the Oreo Festival was held at the Casa de Campo in Madrid , a family leisure event that encouraged families to leave technology for a Taiwan Phone Number List while and enjoy playing parents and children . The Oreo Festival managed to bring together 2,500 people. Who came to the space to enjoy the different activities that took place in the space. The festival has been Oreo’s response to the results of the study. “Family Leisure Habits since the Irruption of New Technologies” prepared by Ipsos for Oreo. Which shows that six out of ten parents would like to spend more time with their children. Taking into account that work days are eight or more hours.

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